What is an Aura?

The Aura is an electromagnetic field surrounding the physical body and stemming between the Etheric and Celestial plates. An Aura is not found in just humans but also animals and plant life.

The aura has been painted in our history by many masters especially in Christian Art. What is amazing is that a drawing of Ra with solar disc (halo), before 1235 BC was found.

Our Aura is our cleaning device, is there for our protection and healing. It looks like one big constant flowing fountain of colours. The healthier you are the bigger brighter your Aura will be, an Aura that is not balanced will look dirty or lighter will even bulge in different areas of your being.

The Auric flow constantly changes this can be through your emotions health, even weather can affect your Aura.

With Thunderstorms the air is thick, full of positive ions drawn together like magnets, giving the feeling of heaviness. It is Mother Earth’s way cleansing stale vibrations. After the thunderstorm the air feels lighter, not because of the rain but the lightening, each bolt of lightning has released huge amounts of negative ions into the air. Negative ions bounce off each other, the more there is the faster they move. This results in the feeling of everything being clean and lighter.

The first aura you will see is normally a shadow or dim light surrounding the body. As your enlightenment grows so does your awareness of the colours in the Aura plates. Some people can learn to see or sense the Aura condition, whether it be unbalanced areas or showing you shadowy patches.

The Aura absorbs the vibrations from the moon, sun and minerals from Earth Mother and all forms of life. Our aura increases in vibration as our consciousness develops.

The plus side is we attract beautiful energies, but also we can attract the lower energies which are like light attracting moths so you need to learn how to deflect the lower energies. The lower energies can make you feel drained exhausted. It’s important to learn protection for your Aura, visualise a wonderful silvery light.

An ill or anxious person can have a grey, smokey looking Aura.  A Spiritual aware person has a lot of blue or indigo colour.  Your Aura is always changing in colour, like a rainbow on the move.

Colour Chart

Red1411684926 Red
Light Red
Energy, passion, desire and love
Joy, sexuality, passion, sensitivity and love
Romance, love and friendship
Stability and denotes masculine qualities
Orange1411685052 Orange
Joy, sunshine and happiness
Desire, sexual passion and pleasure
Wisdom and wealth.  Gold often symbolises light quality
Yellow1411694752 Yellow
Dull Yellow
Light Yellow
Happiness, intellect and energy
Low energies
Freshness and joy
Green1411694900 Green
Dark Green
Olive Green
Growth, harmony and protection
Power and leadership, Lower energies
Emotional healing and protection
Blue1411695058 Blue
Light Blue
Dark Blue
Loyalty, confidence and heaven
Health, healing, understanding and softness
Knowledge, power, integrity and seriousness
Purple1411695226 Purple
Light Purple
Dark Purple
Nobility, luxury and ambition
Romantic and nostalgic feelings
It can cause frustration
White1411695611 White Innocence, purity and cleanliness
Black1411695850 Black Power, elegance and mystery