Amazing Auckland clients

Amazing Auckland Clients

Just had the most wonderful time down in Auckland doing psychic readings and healing.

I stay with some wonderful friends who welcomed me with such beautiful loving energies. I have learnt to love Indian tea with mint. Yasmin and Yezdi took me to the temple Fo Guang Shan. Really worth going to, I loved the energies and the cute child looking Buddha’s. I left feeling more connect with the Divine and balanced.

My second day of doing Psychic readings, I got really spoilt by my clients some who have become my gorgeous friends. One of these friends brought me the best coffee in the world for I was dying for a cuppa. Then another a box of chocies just what my energies needed :o) a wee pick up. Then I had another bring me dinner. Totally spoiled I was.

I get asked does the readings or healings tired me out. They don’t its when I stop working with the Divine energies I feel tired and look forward to soak these old bones. The trip home is always a pleasure it allows me to release but by then the hips are sore and need a good rub by hubby