Crystal & Minerals are precious

gifts from Mother Earth..

These healing crystals are individually packaged and come with an information card describing their crystal, mineral and healing properties. Find out more about crystals 

Please click onto the name of the crystal/mineral for more information about them.

The wide range of gemstones I have available for you to buy online have all been carefully selected by me for their quality and of course for their inherent healing properties. This is why every stone has been attuned with Reiki and Seichem energies and a lovely Gaelic blessing to help enhance the energies of crystals to work for you.

I don’t just sell crystals, but live and breathe them all my life.

If I don’t have what your looking for, then please contact me and I will endeavour to search for the right stone for you.

If your still not too sure what you are looking for in a crystal, I will tune to your guide and aura and help spiritually to find the right crystal for you

So please start browsing and enjoy your journey…