ANGELS – Opalite


These little hand carved crystal pocket angels are available in two sizes as can be seen in our options above; both come in a matching organza bag. Lovely as gifts, each crystal angel is unique and can vary very slightly from the picture illustrated.

They are designed to be held, placed in little corners or can be kept in your pocket.


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Angels – Opalite Lrg

Angels represent the Divine in a more worldly form. Angels bring the vastness of the Divine, so we human beings can relate much better to our source goddess.
Angels bring these beautiful qualities down to Earth, as they are like messengers from the Divine.

Opalite is a simulated man-made crystal that originates in Asia.

Opalite is a very gentle and delicate stone. Holding a piece of opalite, or having it somewhere nearby, can remind us of the need to slow down, both our thoughts and pace of life, and to gain stabilisation. Its calming air makes it a useful stone to have around if you’re in an environment where tempers flare, or somewhere where life or work can be stressful.

Opalite is also often used in conjunction with meditation or healing. In particular, it’s a useful tool for enhancing the abilities of the crown chakra, removing blocks and stagnant energy, and opening up a clearer psychic vision.

Weight: 20g
Height: 50mm
Depth: 15mm
Width: 30mm

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