Powerful amplifier and energy cleaner. When it has a “rainbow” inside by the refraction of light, it indicates that it is a stone of new beginnings. It has the gift of a deep healing of the soul and revitalizes the subtle bodies.

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Calcite White 

Key meaning: Arch Angels

Chakra: Third Eye and Crown


  • Spiritual awareness
  • Clears the mind
  • Self expression

Health: Liver, Lungs and Bowel

White Calcite has the ability to create connection between one’s emotional and intellectual sides. The purifying effects of this stone help to remove stale energy from the body, bringing hope and determination back to those who have lost their way. White Calcite can clear a room of negative energies and increase one’s awareness of their spirituality.

Calcite itself is a powerful energy amplifier and cleanser, raising the vibration of your environment and clearing it of any negativity.
It is an excellent stone to enhance creativity, as it helps to motivate inspired thinking. It also helps to soothe your thoughts when your head is full of noise that may be blocking the flow of creative writing or studies, as it will help you to overcome the blockages and get back on track.

Each one is unique and may appear slightly different from the photographed item.


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