Helps to heal a broken heart and bring is beautiful energies.

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Goldstone Green – Flatstone

Key Meaning: Happiness

Chakra: Heart


  • Controls emotions
  • Restores energy
  • Clarity goals/dreams

Health: Chest infections and heart breaks

Green Goldstone is for healing of the heart when in despair and feeling helpless. This beautiful stone encourages your mental energies to be more in balance, which helps your progress to a better outlook of your future.

It is also connected with abundance due to the combination of its gorgeous green colour and reflective shimmer.

Goldstone is artificial glass with shiny metal chips. It is believed to be made in medieval times for accessories and to ward of evil spirits

A goldstone amulet from the 12th century was found in Persia

Size and Weight are averaged. Each piece is unique and may appear slightly different in colour and shape from the item pictured above.

Weight: 38g
Height: 45mm
Depth:   6mm
Width: 45mm


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