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Wednesday 16th September – 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Group meditation online using
Its FREE to download

This allows a personal and private meditation, no one can see you.

These guided meditations are particularly good at giving you a deep sense of calming relief on an emotional level.

So if you have been experiencing any feelings of stress, frustration, feelings of tiredness, irritation, anxiety, negativity or disconnectedness from others, then Judie’s guided meditation will restore you to a state of balance, peace and open heartedness.

Stress simply melts away as your whole body and mind become deeply relaxed.

Please note that each week a new meeting link is created.  

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10 reviews for Online Group Meditation

  1. Julie Arona

    I have just started joining you on a Thursday night and love it..

  2. Mary

    Hi Judie.Blessings to you for Easter time.I would love to join your Meditation Group this week on Wed.15th.Pleasr save me a,

  3. Eden O’Rorke (verified owner)

    Yes Judies online meditation group. I have to say I am different at the end of each session; stronger and better. It helps me get through the next week with courage and fortitude.
    I love tuning in and hearing all the ladies laughing and joking. I am glad to have found this group, Judie is a real gem.

  4. Litia Silivale (verified owner)

    I’ve been a part of 2 online meditations now and I don’t think I can live without them! They have been a god send and have thoroughly helped me reset for the week to come. It’s part of my self care regime and so much value! Thank you Judie for offering this service xo

  5. Wendy (verified owner)

    It’s hard to think how can on line meditation work. So I am really suprised at how it has been going have done two weeks in a row and will be on line again this Wednesday. Its peaceful and quite calming and for me at times emotional. You need to try it for yourself. Jude also gives a card for each of us on the call.

  6. Kara Coster (verified owner)

    The meditation is at the perfect time of the week, right in the middle. Being on a Wednesday it helps to give that little nudge you need to get through the rest of the week and it’s nice to have a little giggle with the ladies before and afterwards. I’ve attended twice now and intend on joining weekly due to the way it makes me feel afterwards, like a huge weight is lifted off, and my sleep that night has been amazing!

  7. Tale (verified owner)

    Can’t recommend Judie online meditation enough. Get to relax in comfort of your home and literally lay there while Judie takes you through a beautiful meditation. Is my weekly healing, regenerating time and feel so relaxed and peaceful after- ready for another week. Is an absolute bargain for $10!!

  8. Joanne Davis (verified owner)

    I thoroughly enjoy Judie’s online meditation in the comfort of my own home. They are helping me to relax and find peace within myself after the stress of the day. I feel a lot calmer after it and have a good sleep. I enjoy Judie’s insightfulness at the end of the session and giving me some guidance when she chooses a card for me. I highly recommend it.

  9. Helen Scott (verified owner)

    I’m really enjoying the Wednesday evening Mediation. The experience is fantastic.
    I’m also able to set myself up in a such a way that I am comfortable and my body is supported appropriately (I have short legs so am unable to sit comfortably in many situations).
    I really like the opportunity to share this experience with others who live in a different area to myself (I’m in Lower Hutt, my daughter is in Kerikeri)

  10. Hilary Quemby (verified owner)

    Thank you Judie for providing this service. I tried Judies meditation a few weeks ago. What i hadnt realized is its not just a meditation. Judie does an excellent guided meditattion AND also sends healing and gives each of us a card for the week. The meditation and healing is very powerful. Im very happy to have found this group and it has become an essential part of self care for me. Thank you Awesome, fun, bubbly, inspiring Judie xxcc

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