Prehnite is a perfect stone to help integrate the spiritual teachings of the impermanence of all things into your everyday life.
It aligns you with the vibrations of peace and renewal inherent in the constant changes of the universe and releases the feeling of being challenged by them

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Prehnite – Flat Stone

Key Meaning: Stone of Prediction
Chakra: Solar plexus and Heart Chakra.

• Relaxation
• Releases blockages
• Motivation

Health: Kidneys, bladder, gout, chest and lungs.

Prehnite is a gemstone that has a meaning and properties of enhancing intuitiveness. This gemstone would strengthen owner’s soul and mind, and increase the power to recognize what is really essential. It is good for people who want to grow your mental strength.

Prehnite is also known as “Stone of Prediction.

This stone is truly a powerful spiritual stone that allows you to bring spiritual action into the world around you, motivated by your heart’s deepest desires for the highest good.

Prehnite assists in dealing with feelings of unrest during times of constant change.

Each stone is unique and will vary slightly in shape and appearance from the one pictured above.

Weight: 30g
Height: 35mm
Depth: 10mm
Width: 40mm



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