This is a must to have crystal instrument for Divination or Dowsing also used to communicate with your angels/guides.

The pendulum is essentially an energy amplifier. It is a tool that helps you to access the collective unconsciousness and your Higher Self. Using a pendulum is a form of ‘kinesiology’. As with muscle testing, your own “Higher Self” (who is in charge of moving the subtle energy around your body), responds to your thoughts and words using that energy to move the pendulum and answer your questions. Your Higher Self can answer questions directly in relation to the body, through using energy.

ENERGY HEALING AND DOWSING. In order to perform energy healing without draining or exhausting your own energy, it can be helpful to use a tool, such as pendulum dowsing. 

Throughout history pendulums have been used to locate water, gold, gems, and other valuable items.                                       
In Europe, early scientists and doctors would use pendulums to locate infections and weak areas of the body. Doctors would also use certain pendulums to determine the gender of unborn infants.

Comes with a free chart to use with the yes and no questions

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