I am utterly amazed

I am utterly amazed. I had a phone reading with Jude about three weeks ago now. She named and described my husband, my grandson, his grandaughter – things to an absolute T (and that could not have been found out via social media beforehand lol).

What really got hubby and I was that she described a place we would find to go and live in once our house sold (and that we actually needed to find this place before our house would sell). What was mindboggling was that she described this place we had not yet found to the nth degree; from what it was worth, where it was, that it had been on the market a long time. Well, we found it last week – It has our name on it lol, and I am sure we will be able to get it 🙂

She said he would be offered a specific job – and unbelievably, three days later, he was offered that very job. (Which unfortunately, owing to the house not selling, he couldn’t take, but I imagine it will come again lol.) She picked up (and was insistent about) a bush with large leaves that needed trimming in a narrow area that had white stones next to our house. There were just so many things it is hard to pick them all.

Absolutely can’t thank her enough and while our house hasn’t sold yet, she did say we’d have a buyer within three weeks of finding our new place – so one week down, two to go! Thanks so much Judie.